How does The Hunt work?

Here's a quick rundown on what The Hunt is and how it works.

What is a poll?

Ever wanted a second opinion on an outfit (and maybe from someone other than your BFF)? Create a poll and ask The Hunt community to weigh in with their opinions!
What is a Hunt? 
If you've ever seen a pic of something you love, but don't know where to buy it, you can start a Hunt. Think of it like a search, or a request for help. Everyone and anyone in the community can help you out with your Hunt! Which brings us to...

What is a Find? 
 The solution or answer to your Hunt is called a "Find." When a community member solves your Hunt, they'll post a link to the website where the item you're looking for can be purchased. We call that "adding a Find." 

What is an Upvote? 
You can upvote Finds that look like awesome responses to the original Hunt. Upvoting is way to say, "This is a great answer!" Finds with the most upvotes move up the page. You can also undo an upvote by tapping on the upvote icon again.

What is a Save?
You can save Finds you love to come back to later. All Finds you save are private, and you (and only you!) can find them later on your profile. You can unsave a Find at any time by tapping "saved."

What is a Perfect? 
A "Perfect" means a Find is, well, perfect. When you solve a Hunt with exactly what the person who started it was looking for, they'll give you a "Perfect." It's a way to say thank you! Only the person who started the Hunt can say that a Find is "Perfect." 

What is a Favorite?
When you tap the "star" on any Hunt or poll, you're favoriting it. Posts you mark as "favorite" will be saved to your profile so that you can get back to them easily; we'll also let you know when there are updates to these posts! You can unfavorite a post at any time by tapping on the star icon again.

What is a Tag? 
 A tag is a #hashtag. You can add #tags to describe a Hunt or a Find. #Tags help other people to find your Hunt. You can also browse by #tag in the search bar.

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