What are the different Hunt types?

When you start a Hunt, we ask you to pick a "type" to better help other people in the community understand what you're looking for. Here's what those types mean:

This Exactly
If you're looking for an exact match for a specific piece of clothing or other item, pick "This Exactly."

Similar To This
If you're looking for something similar to an item in a photo, pick "Similar to This." This is a great option if you're looking to find a cheaper version of a high-end item, or if you're open to seeing something in a variety of colors or patterns.

What Goes With This
If you're looking for suggestions for how to style a particular item of clothing that you already own (or are thinking of getting), pick "What Goes With This" to ask the community for advice.

Style Me
Need a wardrobe upgrade, or help finding what to wear to a special event? Pick "Style Me"! To get the best results, we recommend posting a photo of your style icon, or a photo that represents your style, as opposed to a selfie - selfies just don't provide enough info about the type of "look" you're going for. (You can include details about your appearance in the description!)

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