How do I start a Hunt?

Once you're signed up or logged in, you can ask the community for help finding something by starting a Hunt.

Click "Start A Hunt" in the nav bar, at the top of any page. You'll be asked to start with a photo, which you can drag and drop from your desktop, upload from Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest, or find by providing a link (just click on the turquoise link icon).

You'll be asked include a title (we recommend using something descriptive and unique), a short description (to provide a few more details), a Hunt type, a budget, and tags. After you've started a Hunt, it will show up towards the top of the "Latest" feed and can be seen and solved by anyone within our community. All Hunts you start will be displayed on your profile.

We'll let you know when someone solves your Hunt, and you can give them feedback on what they've found!

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