What happened to my Gems?

We created Gems as a way to do two things at once: 1) save Finds you love to your profile, and 2) let the person who added the Find know you think they added something great.

After a lot of great feedback from the community, we realized that combining these two very different purposes into one button was super confusing. So, we've replaced Gems with two distinct new interactions: upvotes, and saves.

When you add a Find: other community members can you let you know they think it's a great answer by upvoting it. Finds with the most upvotes rise up on the page. You'll get notifications about upvotes in the same way you did about Gems, but since upvotes are specific to a particular Hunt, we're not aggregating these together any more into one giant number.

Don't worry though - you'll still know when people think you did something awesome! You can also track your progress as a Hunt solver by looking at the number of Perfects you've received - a great snapshot of how many people you've made happy by finding products. That number is shown on your profile.

When you come across a Find: you can upvote it if you think it's a great answer, or you can save it. Saves are private, and you (and only you!) can find them later on your profile. If you've "gem'd" Finds in the past, you'll be able to find all of them on your profile as saves. You can unsave a Find at any time by tapping "saved."

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