How do I mark a Find I love as "Perfect"?

As the Hunt Starter, you can let someone who added a Find to your Hunt know you LOVE it by marking it as Perfect! The person who added the Find will get a notification letting them know, and a red banner with the word "Perfect" will be added to the corner of their Find.

To mark a Find as Perfect:
  • Visit your in-app notifications.
  • Tap on the notification for your new Find.
  • At the top of the Find image, you should see a banner that says "1 Find Needs Feedback."
  • Tap on that banner, and you'll be brought through a flow, asking you if the Find is "perfect" or "not quite". (Don't worry - if you mark a Find as "Not Quite", we won't tell!)
You can't go back through this flow once it's been completed, so make sure to give feedback thoughtfully!

Lastly, when your Hunt is matched by our system with "potential Finds", the Perfect flow isn't available.

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